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About the Artist


My name is Danielle Dumont, and I am a Multimedia Artist, a Board Certified Art Therapist and a Certified Dementia Practitioner. I have curated this website for those who feel a deep connection between the arts and wellness.  

At an early age, I fell in love with the process of creating. My experiences with the arts have shaped the way I learn, both as an artist and as a human being. I have experience with painting, collage, and metalworking, which were studied at university. This wide variety of media has opened worlds of possibilities! I’ve learned to embrace the spontaneity in the process of art making, while exploring a variety of materials for every piece created.   

Shortly after obtaining my undergraduate degree, I realized that the world of art could be used to provide endless opportunities for relaxing, learning and self-growth.  I went on to pursue my masters in Art Therapy.  Personally, I have felt the therapeutic benefits of art making, and in realizing this, felt a strong desire to provide others with similar experiences. Over the last eight years, I have facilitated art therapy services to people in hospitals and assisted livings.

My philosophy is that art making can enrich your life by providing a means of engaging, expressing, reflecting, and empowering.  This powerful therapeutic modality allows you to tap into your imagination, and creatively explore no matter what age or skill level. I seek to bring these therapeutic experiences to all who are interested.  

Today, you can find me in my little beach studio on St. Simons Island, Georgia where I work to bring you original, custom art & pet portraits. 


Sending out gratitude to each of you,


Danielle Dumont, MA, ATR-BC, CDP