Group Art Therapy

Group art therapy offers a supportive community for individuals seeking connection. With smaller sizes and more affordable costs compared to individual therapy, it fosters interpersonal growth along with accountability, openness and acceptance.

Danielle specializes in group art therapy services. Some of the most common art therapy groups that are established are based around the logistics and psychological issues or life experiences that present as a common theme within the group.

Examples of art therapy groups Danielle facilitates:

 Youth groups: based on general age, learning abilities and common mental/ physical health issues

 Adult groups: based on common mental/ physical health issues

 Senior groups: focused on maintaining memory, concentration and to promote socialization

 Health based groups: chronic illness/ wellness groups focused on psycho-education, advocacy and self care

 Acute mental health focused groups: includes groups with acute mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis

 Issues based groups: caregivers, stress management, chronic illness, grief, bereavement

 Institutional groups: schools, hospitals, mental health facilities to promote psycho-education and wellness

 Profession based groups (non-clinical/ therapeutic arts groups): for health and wellness professionals, corporate team building or organizations

 General public groups (non-clinical/ therapeutic arts groups): created for fostering community interaction and education about art therapy



Fees vary dependent on group size, art materials and location. To contact Danielle for a complimentary quote, please email

 To learn more about group art therapy, check out Danielle's blog post!

 *Danielle works as a freelance/ contract art therapist.  She does not work for a private practice nor will solicit clients for individual therapy.