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Painted Memorial (Round)
Painted Memorial (Round)
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Painted Memorial (Round)

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  • Keep your cherished memories of your pet alive with this Hand Painted Pet Portrait Memorial Ornament.
  • Acrylic Painted on round wood slice. 
  • Intricate detailing will showcase your pet's finest features & personality.
  • Ornament will be completely customized for your pet (dog, cat, horse, bunny, hamster, & more).
  • Round wood slice measures approx. 2.5-4". Larger sizes available on request.
  • Sealed with glaze to protect the integrity of watercolor & wood.
  • Comes with ready to hang ribbon.

-Made to Order-

Within 24 hours of you placing your order, I will email you asking for high-quality reference photos. The better quality photos I have, the better your portrait will be! 

You will receive your ornament within 3 to 6 weeks from placing your order. Please note: 3 to 6 weeks is just an estimate. Sometimes it's a little more, or less, depending on how many orders I have at the time you place your order. When I reach out to you for your reference photos, I will provide you with more of an exact estimate.

Look here:  https://shopstudiodumont.com/pages/pet-portraits



Look here:  https://shopstudiodumont.com/pages/pet-portrait-commission


Look here:  https://shopstudiodumont.com/pages/paintings